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After many years of performing with guitars purchased from various music stores, I happened by chance to come across the

website of guitarist Jeff Miller from Ohio who does Custom Variax Transplants. On his website were detailed pictures and captions outlining

his guitar building over the last few years. He had some of the most incredible looking custom Variax transplant guitars I had ever seen. The

 attention  to detail was simply amazing. After a few emails back and forth with him, I decided to give guitar building a try. Here are my

first attempts at guitar building. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot and made some mistakes along the way. However the finished

products are far beyond my expectations. I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I am while I am making these guitars. I would like

to thank my wife Marge for all of her support and  patience, without her this would not be possible. I also want to say thanks to

the crew for making me take time out to enjoy the weekends and hang out with them, not making guitars. They know that

once I get  started on a project that I enjoy, I will not rest until it is completed. Iris, Tim, Imani, Bridget, Chris, James, little

Chris, Da Da,  Kimberly, Shawn, Andrew and smooth as silk Craig. Finally I would like to thank Roosevelt Sr. for putting

the first two guitars in my hands, when I was very young, and starting this evolution.

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StrataVariax – One

10/05 – 01/06


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CustomVariax – Two

01/06 –06/06






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NylonVariax – Three

04/06 – 08/06



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CustomVariax Bass – Four

10/06 – 12/06



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02/07 – 05/07




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Transplant - 1


06/07 -